Tom McGillycuddy, CIRCA5000: impact investing to create a better future for everyone

Tom McGillycuddy is the Co-Founder and CEO of CIRCA5000. 

After starting his career in finance Tom quickly realised there was more to life than just making money, but he also saw the potential for using investments to build a better world for everyone.

So Tom left job security to found CIRCA5000, a company solely focused on impact investing. This form of investing is where on top of risk and return, they look at a third factor which is how does company make money, i.e. does their product or service solve a major world problem. This ensures that money isn’t being used to fund arms dealers, coal or oil companies that you might be surprised to hear still exist in a lot of portfolios today.

Then CIRCA5000 make it super easy and simple by having a range of products from ISA’s, GIA’s and pensions so everyone can invest their money in a brighter future.

In this episode we cover a range of products from ESG vs impact investing, to lack of financial education in the UK to building a challenger brand and much more. 

  • 02.05: Tom’s reluctant start in finance
  • 05.50: Everyone that has a pension is an investor, where is that money invested? 
  • 11.34: ESG vs impact investing – the big difference 
  • 16.23: Impact investing is the future 
  • 19.08: CIRCA5000 overview
  • 32.32: The UK needs better financial education 
  • 35.30: Creating a brand that challenges the norm
  • 38.21: The toughest part of being a Founder
  • 47.05: A bigger team doesn’t always mean better  
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Tom McGillycuddy, CIRCA5000: impact investing to create a better future for everyone
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