We speak to Founders of Tech For Good startups. The people creating solutions to the world's biggest problems: climate change, plastic pollution, poverty, gender inequality, mental health and much more.

Our aim is to inspire people to make the world a better place and share with you how you can be part of the solution.

In each episode we learn about the Founder's journey in building an impact business, their secrets for success and how they go about hiring mission-driven people.

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BITESIZE: Beckie Taylor, Tech Returners: the barriers to work after taking career breaks

Beckie Taylor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Returners. Tech Returners remove the barriers for people returning to tech after career breaks by giving them the suppo...

Hector Hughes, Unplugged: phone addiction and digital detoxing 📵⛺

Hector Hughes is the Co-Founder of Unplugged.After working in a high growth startup and experiencing burnout, Hector booked himself on a retreat in the Himalayas where...

BITESIZE: Ari Last, Bubble: affordable childcare and the broken UK system

Ari Last is the Founder of Bubble. Bubble is the UK’s largest on-demand in-home childcare platform, with over 200,000 families and 100,000 carers on the app.  In this ...

Jim Lovett, Advetec: a better way of managing unrecyclable waste and it’s environmental impact

Jim Lovett is the CEO of Advetec. Advetec focus on tackling the problem of black bag waste. This is the waste created by businesses, that cannot be recycled and is dif...

BITESIZE: Emilia Molimpakis, Thymia: a better way to assess mental health

Emilia Molimpakis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Thymia. Thymia use voice, movement and behavioural data to identify conditions and symptoms of mental illness, and suppo...

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