Somayeh Taheri, UrbanChain: leading the transition to renewable energy

Somayeh Taheri is the Founder and CEO of UrbanChain. 

Whilst working as a research scientist on climate change and fuel poverty, Somayeh discovered that the wholesale energy market was dated and broken, with wholesalers inflating prices by up to 5x which was stopping most people moving to renewable energy.

To fix this she founded UrbanChain, building a new peer to peer marketplace which was totally separate to the wholesale market. Here energy generators can sell directly to consumers, cutting out the middle party, so prices are fairer for everyone. Their clever tech helps buying and selling renewable energy to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, by matching parties based on their specific energy needs and location. This is just the beginning as Somayeh plans to expand her business into batteries, EV and smart chips.  

If you’re interested renewable energy and how the energy market works, this is a must listen. 

  • 02.04: Somayeh’s shocking discovery of the UK energy market 
  • 07.06: Price inflation in the wholesale energy market 
  • 13.47: What is true “green energy”?
  • 17.06: The changes needed to shift to renewable energy 
  • 20.44: UrbanChain overview
  • 30.56: The focus on creating local energy markets
  • 39.57: Moving into EV’s, batteries and intelligent chips
  • 45.23: Somayeh’s proudest moments
  • 52.02: Focusing on indirect employment

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Somayeh Taheri, UrbanChain: leading the transition to renewable energy
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