Sir Peter Wanless, the NSPCC: a decade leading the NSPCC in preventing cruelty to children πŸ§’πŸ’š

Sir Peter Wanless is the CEO of NSPCC.

One of the largest and longest standing charities in the UK, the NSPCC have spent over 130 years delivering on their mission to prevent cruelty to children.

Peter has recently celebrated 10 years as their CEO, where he has helped modernise the charity to meet the everchanging and complex world of child abuse and neglect.

The NSPCC break down their mission into three impact goals: 1. Everyone plays their part to prevent child abuse. 2. Every child is safe online. 3. Children feel safe, listened to and are supported. 

In this episode Peter talks about the different types of child abuse, how this has evolved over the last decade, the NSPCC’s work, the challenges running a charity this size, his highlights from the last decade and much more.

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03.28: Who is Peter Wanless?
07.16: Child abuse and the different types of abuse
10.03: How child abuse and safety have evolved over the last 20 years
13.43: The importance of prevention versus protection and intervention
18.40: Why England haven’t adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
23.24: NSPCC’s mission and three impact goals
35.45: Peter’s highlights from the last decade at NSPCC
39.28: Raising Β£120mn each year, operating costs and how money is spent
45.21: The importance of transparency
54.28: The new NSPCC careers website and open roles

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Sir Peter Wanless, the NSPCC: a decade leading the NSPCC in preventing cruelty to children πŸ§’πŸ’š
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