Sam Lathey, Bippit: improving peoples’ financial knowledge, resilience and wellbeing 💰💜

Sam Lathey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bippit.

To use Sam’s own words, he went from being a “complete financial screw up” to becoming a “trusted financial” advisor. On this journey Sam realised that most people have no or very limited knowledge and support when it comes to managing their finances. 

Did you know that money is the number one cause of stress for 60% of people?

Sam explains that young people receive no financial education in school, most people start their professional careers in debt and later in life fall into troubling financial situations or are unable to afford key life events like buying a house or having a child.

Sam wanted to change this and give everyone access to the financial guidance they need, so he founded Bippit. Bippit work with employers to provide 1 on 1 financial coaching, helping people to better manage their money and plan for the future they want. 

  • 00.34: Sam’s mixed relationship with money
  • 04.37: The average person’s financial knowledge in the UK today
  • 06.42: Common financial problems that people face
  • 12.34: What needs to change to improve everyone’s financial wellbeing
  • 15.00: The role of the employer and why they should be providing financial coaching
  • 17.50: Bippit overview and how it works for a user 
  • 24.46: Bippit financial coach selection and matching 
  • 29.35: Challenging your assumptions and user testing
  • 34.36: Communicating the ROI on a B2B2C product
  • 45.26: Sam’s views on employee wellbeing and how to hire great people 
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Sam Lathey, Bippit: improving peoples’ financial knowledge, resilience and wellbeing 💰💜
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