Peter Briffett, Wagestream: improving financial wellbeing for frontline workers 💜🤑

Peter Briffett is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wagestream.

After coming across an article about predatory finance, Peter started to explore the financial support offered to low income workers and he was shocked by the lack of fair financial services available. The common practice being pay day loan companies targeting people in need with ridiculous repayment terms.

So Peter co-founded Wagestream with a vision of providing fair financial services to frontline workers, starting with flexible pay, where workers could stream their earned wages in real-time. Fast forward to today and Wagestream works with 500+ employers to help over 3 million workers to have full visibility of their pay, stream earned wages, set up automated savings and get access to financial coaching.

Peter chats to me about financial wellbeing and the struggles frontline workers face, how Wagestream are solving that problem, scaling a social impact business and much more. 

  • 02.01: Peter’s journey into financial wellbeing
  • 07.30: What is financial wellbeing?
  • 09.05: The financial difficulties affecting frontline workers
  • 15.21: The employer’s role in people’s financial wellbeing
  • 19.11: Wagestream services and how they’re helping frontline workers
  • 22.53: Early stage challenges in launching the business
  • 32.16: Wagetsream’s social charter
  • 38.03: The future of Wagestream
  • 43.05: The importance of a clear mission from day one
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Peter Briffett, Wagestream: improving financial wellbeing for frontline workers 💜🤑
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