Katy Cottam, Luna Daily: vulvas and ending the stigma around intimate skincare

Katy Cottam, is the Founder of Luna Daily.

At 19 years old, Katy was given antibiotics that changed her gut and skin microbiome which meant she could no longer use traditional body care products. She was forced to use “feminine hygiene” products that left her feeling ashamed and embarrassed. 

After that experience she created Luna Daily to fight the stigma attached to intimate skincare. A big part of this is education, people better understand their body and needs as well as what a healthy skincare routine looks like. The other aspect of this is creating a new category of product without stigma, that supports women of all ages and stages, and suitable for all skin types. Women shouldn’t need to buy one product for their body and one for their vulva. 

In this episode Katy enlightens me about the problems that exist, what needs to change and how Luna Daily are leading this movement. 

  • 05.20: The “aha” moment for Luna Daily
  • 06.25: The issues that exist with intimate skincare 
  • 10.00: Normalising the word “vulva”?
  • 12.30: How the beauty industry has failed women and creating a new “womanhood” category 
  • 16.20: The early days of Luna Daily and their MVP
  • 24.06: Luna’s three product pillars
  • 32.24: Fundraising “the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life”
  • 38.48: The toughest part of being a Founder 
  • 43.11: Do Founders need to build a personal brand online? 
  • 47.33: Hiring advice, attitude over aptitude and better to have a hole than an a**hole
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Our Guest:
Katy Cottam, Founder of Luna Daily
https://www.linkedin.com/in/katy-cottam-b6556043/ / https://luna-daily.com/
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Katy Cottam, Luna Daily: vulvas and ending the stigma around intimate skincare
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