Kameese Davis, Nylah’s Naturals: Black beauty, representation and meeting the needs of afro hair

Kameese Davis is the Founder of Nylah’s Naturals. Kam is a very inspiring individual on a personal mission to empower black people to love their hair and feel confident and happy in who they are.

When Kam’s daughter had severe eczema at an early age, Kam was shocked by the lack of products that were safe and suitable for afro hair. So she created Nylah’s Naturals that offers a range of hair products that are science backed, using the highest quality-plant based ingredients and tailored for those with textured hair. 

Kam also does incredibly impactful charity work in the foster care system, educating and training carers on how to properly care for afro and textured hair.

Kam chats to me about the needs of those with textured hair, the impact poor hair care can have on black adults and children, building a consumer brand from the ground up, pitching on Dragon’s Den and her work with foster parents. 

01.54: Who is Kam Davis? 
05.08: The differences with textured vs other hair types
07.15: Why the beauty industry had failed those with afro hair
12.59: What needs to change in the beauty industry?
16.18: Nylah’s Naturals overview an the early days 
24.56: Using ingredients as close to the natural source as possible 
30.04: Funding and barriers to raising as a black, female Founder
37.12: Kam’s work in the foster care system, training carers on afro hair care
42.33: The Untangled Project and her book “My Hair Shrinks”
46.57: Battling her introversion and public speaking

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Our Guest:
Kameese Davis, Founder of Nylah’s Naturals.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/kameese-davis / https://www.nylahsnaturals.com/
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Kameese Davis, Nylah’s Naturals: Black beauty, representation and meeting the needs of afro hair
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