Jim Lovett, Advetec: a better way of managing unrecyclable waste and it’s environmental impact

Jim Lovett is the CEO of Advetec. 

Advetec focus on tackling the problem of black bag waste. This is the waste created by businesses, that cannot be recycled and is difficult to process as it typically contains a mix of organic and inorganic material that is impossible to separate out. 

The impact this has on the planet is shocking. In the UK last year, 11 million tons of black bag waste ended up in landfill and 17 million tons ended up being burnt, which significantly contributes to greenhouse gases. 

Today Jim shares his knowledge about the UK waste management system and its inherent problems, the impact of black bag waste on the environment, Advetec’s revolutionary way of processing onsite waste and the lessons he’s learnt as an entrepreneur. 

  • 01.56: Business waste and the problem with black bag waste
  • 07.02: The impact poor waste management has on the planet
  • 09.04: The waste management industry that doesn’t want to change
  • 13.40: The push and pull factors causing businesses to improve 
  • 18.34: Advetec’s revolutionary way of processing waste 
  • 30.29: A snapshot of Advetec today
  • 34.54: Their revenue model and value add to customers
  • 43.58: Jim’s journey as an entrepreneur 
  • 49.35: The key to retaining great people in your business

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Our Guest:
Jim Lovett, CEO of Advetec.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-lovett-80a14938/ / https://advetec.com/uk

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Jim Lovett, Advetec: a better way of managing unrecyclable waste and it’s environmental impact
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