Hector Hughes, Unplugged: phone addiction and digital detoxing 📵⛺

Hector Hughes is the Co-Founder of Unplugged.

After working in a high growth startup and experiencing burnout, Hector booked himself on a retreat in the Himalayas where he spent 10 days cut off from the outside world with no access to his phone.

When he returned to the UK, he realised how over-reliant we all are on our phones and the negative impact this has on our health and relationships. So he set up Unplugged, they provide 72 hour, off-grid digital detoxes in beautiful cabins in the countryside. 

In this episode Hector explains how addicted we are to our phones, the impact that has and how it’s only getting worse, how Unplugged are helping people break that unhealthy habit, and his lessons from being a Founder.  

  • 01.52: Burnout and Hector’s Himalayan digital detox
  • 04.24:  How addicted are we to our phones?  
  • 07.90: The impact phones are having on our wellbeing and relationships
  • 09.45: What does a health relationship with your phone look like? 
  • 11.25: Unplugged overview and how it started
  • 19.09: The science behind the 72 hour detox
  • 25.49: Unplugged’s growth, word or mouth and PR  
  • 33.59: Hector’s unconventional leadership approach 
  • 37.45: What makes Unplugged a great place to work 

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Our Guest:
Hector Hughes, Co-Founder of Unplugged
https://www.linkedin.com/in/hector-hughes-10082195/ / https://unplugged.rest/

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Hector Hughes, Unplugged: phone addiction and digital detoxing 📵⛺
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