We speak to Founders of Tech For Good startups. The people creating solutions to the world's biggest problems: climate change, plastic pollution, poverty, gender inequality, mental health and much more.

Our aim is to inspire people to make the world a better place and share with you how you can be part of the solution.

In each episode we learn about the Founder's journey in building an impact business, their secrets for success and how they go about hiring mission-driven people.

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BITESIZE: Alex Price, Ecologi: tackling climate change

Alex Price is the former CTO and Co-Founder of Ecologi. Ecologi makes positive climate action, simple and affordable for individuals and businesses all over the world....

BITESIZE: Molly Johnson-Jones, Flexa: what is flexible working?

Molly Johnson-Jones is the Co-Founder and CEO of Flexa. Flexa certifies and scores companies based on how flexible they are, then showcases to talent all over the worl...

BITESIZE: Tessa Clarke, OLIO: the brutal truth about food waste

Tessa Clarke is the Co-Founder of OLIO. OLIO is an app that connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses, so surplus food and household items can be s...

A short message from our host, Craig Turner

A brief message to say thanks for listening and your ongoing support - it's hugely appreciated!If you're newer to the podcast, please go back and check out some of the...

Michael Millership, The Felix Project: the charity fighting food waste and food poverty

Michael Millership is a Co-Founder and Trustee of The Felix Project. The Felix Project was set up by parents Jane and Justin Byam Shaw in honour of their son Felix, wh...

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