We speak to Founders of Tech For Good startups. The people creating solutions to the world's biggest problems: climate change, plastic pollution, poverty, gender inequality, mental health and much more.

Our aim is to inspire people to make the world a better place and share with you how you can be part of the solution.

In each episode we learn about the Founder's journey in building an impact business, their secrets for success and how they go about hiring mission-driven people.

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Anya Roy, Syrona Health: building the future of women’s health

Anya Roy is the Co-Founder of Syrona Health. Gynaecological health is an area of healthcare that has been overlooked and underinvested in for decades. Lack of prope...

Ally Fekaiki, Juno: fixing employee benefits by giving the flexibility and choice to employees

Ally Fekaiki is the CEO and Founder of Juno. The employee benefits space has been broken for a long time, with Covid and remote working the disconnect between what ...

Freddy Ward, Wild: on a mission to remove single use plastic from the bathroom

Freddie Ward is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wild. After being one of the first hires at Hello Fresh and seeing the company scale to over £100 million in revenue, Fre...

Alex Stephany, Beam: creating a long-term scalable solution to homelessness

Alex Stephany is the Founder and CEO of Beam. Alex and Beam need no introduction, both have received multiple awards and recognition for their social impact work: ...

Youssef Darwich, Nosso: helping families build a better world and better future for their children

For our last show of Season One, we have Youssef Darwich, the Co-Founder and CEO of Nosso. Now I’m pretty sceptical of fintech’s but Nosso are building something ve...

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